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Pearl River marks 30 years at NAMM with new products and VIP showcase

At the 2024 NAMM Show, the Pearl River Piano Group stole the spotlight by unveiling a range of innovative products across its three major piano brands and presenting an exciting new line of acoustic and electric guitars, and stringed instruments.

One of the highlights of the event was the introduction of the Pearl River QU1 Intelligent System, hailed as the bridge between the traditional acoustic and modern digital realms. This cutting-edge system maintains the acoustic integrity and structure of the piano without compromising the sound or keyboard touch. It is available as a factory-installed option on any Pearl River, Kayserburg, or Ritmüller 88-key upright piano, featuring Touch Dynamic Grading, 189-voice polyphony, and seamless connectivity with popular piano learning software through Bluetooth®.

Another attention-grabber was the debut of the Pearl River UP95, a 61-key piano specifically designed for preschoolers with scaled-down keys for smaller hands. For those seeking a space-saving yet full-sized sound solution, the 69-key Pearl River UP100 acoustic learning piano was introduced.

Attendees at NAMM were treated to the Kayserburg Étoile Collection, featuring exotic veneers such as Sapele Mahogany, Tiger Striped Sandalwood, Green Apple, Rose Gold Sandalwood, and Golden Silk Phoebe. Notable in the collection were the KA160T and KA180T Grand Pianos, showcasing the luxurious beauty of these rare wood finishes.

Before the official opening day of NAMM, Pearl River hosted a VIP Reception Showcase, where luminaries from Nashville’s music scene, including Keith Burns of Trick Pony fame, showcased their talents exclusively on Pearl River instruments. Sherry Carlisle Smith, owner/operator of the SCE Group, served as the emcee, adding her own musical flair to the evening and Ed Bazel, pianist.

On Thursday and Friday following the showcase, Pearl River organized informative breakout sessions featuring discussions on Pearl River guitars by Sherry Carlisle Smith and Keith Burns, insights into using Piano Marvel learning software with a Pearl River digital piano by its creator Aaron Garner, selling strategies for Kayserburg pianos by Jeff Tasch, experiences within the music industry shared by Mike Lawson, and a performance and discussion by EJ Ford, a musician and music educator.

According to Leng Tshua, Pearl River Piano Group’s Global Sales and Marketing Director, the 2024 NAMM Show marked a watershed moment for the company. “With a legacy of over 30 years, Pearl River has become the world’s largest piano manufacturer, boasting a global market share exceeding 30%.” Tshua declared. “While pianos will always be at the heart of Pearl River, today marks the beginning of our journey as a complete international music company, expanding into intelligent piano systems, a new line of guitars, and even violins and stringed instruments.”